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High-efficiency External Ambulatory Lung (HEAL)

Principal Investigators: Benjamin Padilla, M.D., Shuvo Roy, Ph.D.
Team Members: Ajay Dharia, M.D., Jarrett Moyer, M.D., Emily Abada, Sukhveer Sandhu



Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy (ECMO) has improved clinical outcomes and survival rates for both adults and pediatric patients with respiratory compromise. However, current ECMO systems have several fundamental limitations: they are large and bulky, they greatly restrict patient movement, and the membranes used for gas exchange are inefficient and with high doses of anticoagulation required to overcome the high likelihood of blood clots.




The High-efficiency External Ambulatory Lung (HEAL) seeks to address these issues via a novel approach in gas exchange membrane fabrication: specifically, a micron-thin film of PDMS supported by a specialized silicon microporous membrane to create an efficient and robust gas exchange membrane. The geometry of this approach minimizes stagnant blood flow zones and reduces the risk of clots, thus obviating the need for high doses of anticoagulation and risk of bleeding. This technology also enables the system to be miniaturized into a portable, wearable device, enabling greater patient movement and improved recovery times. By offering a wearable, low resistance, low volume oxygenator that minimizes anticoagulation requirements, the HEAL has the potential to revolutionize the market for extracorporeal membrane oxygenators.



CTSI Catalyst (Fall 2014)

Honors & Awards


Surgical Innovations Accelerator (Spring 2015)
Pediatric Device Consortia Consulting Award, ASAIO 2016

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Industry and Academia Partner to Reach Patients through Popular Catalyst Award - UCSF Clinical & Translational Science Institute - February 17, 2015

Surgical Innovations Projects Receive Top Honors at ASAIO Conference - UCSF Surgical Innovations - November 18, 2016

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