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ReValve Med

Percutaneous Retriever

Principal Investigator: Elaine Tseng, MD
Team Members: Liang Ge, PhDJohn Ashley


When a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)  device is inserted into a patient’s heart there is a 3-10% chance of mal-positioning. A mal-positioned TAVR must be removed via open heart surgery or left in place with a second TAVR inserted inside it. There are no devices available to remove the mal-positioned TAVR without surgery.  


ReValve Med is developing a valve retriever system that can percutaneously remove a TAVR. With the Accelerator award, the team plans to complete their design and prototype.

Honors & Awards

Surgical Innovations Accelerator
(Fall 2018) 
Catalyst Award (Fall 2016)



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