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Yasha Saxena, M.S.

Yasha Saxena, M.S.

  • Associate Specialist
  • Medical Device Engineer

Contact Information

[email protected]
(650) 814-9427
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Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, MS, Biomedical Engineering, 2018

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, BA, Economics, 2013

  • Medical Devices

Yasha Saxena, MS is an Associate Specialist in the Surgical Innovations. She is working on the SmartDerm team to monitor pressure ulcer formation and is investigating device solutions for central line infections. Her masters focused on device instrumentation particularly in the areas of robotics and biomedical optics. Prior to entering the field of medical device engineering, Yasha obtained a BA in Economics with a minor concentration in Mathematics from Northwestern and worked as a data scientist for two years. She has also held engineering positions at Genentech and Baebies, a digital microfluidics company in Durham, NC.


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