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Prashant Chopra, M.S.

Prashant Chopra, M.S.


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  • M.S. Computer Science, Mississippi State University, MS 39759
  • Image guided surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Highly accessible healthcare
  • Image Guidance for Precision Surgery

Prashant Chopra, MS, is an Entrepreneur-in-residence and Project Manager with the UCSF Surgical Innovations Program. As an Entrepreneur-in-residence, Prashant curates and co-manages the program's innovation pathway for translation of surgical innovations into viable products. As a Project Manager, he leads development of technical solutions to meet the Program's critical engineering needs. With his experience working in Medical Device R&D industry, he has a special interest in bridging the gap between advanced technology innovations, and critically unmet patient care needs.

Prashant is passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs and encouraging them to tackle healthcare technology challenges that are traditionally considered too risky for startups. He cares deeply about minimizing the inequity in education and healthcare in the communities, and leads, a philanthropic effort to make early education, mentor-ship, and healthcare more widely accessible to the widest possible population. He has enabled complex image guided surgery/therapy product development missions for over a decade for companies like Intuitive Surgical, Accuray, and Verb Surgical. His last health tech venture, Lucid Surgical, is focused on developing a unique technology solution for a widely under-met clinical need.

Prashant earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from J.N.V. University, Rajasthan, India. He subsequently earned his Master's in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus on Scientific Visualization from Mississippi State University.


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