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Aritro Mukherjee, M.S.

Aritro Mukherjee, M.S.

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  • UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, B.S., Bioengineering, 2015
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, 2017

Aritro Mukherjee started his education at UC Berkeley, where he studied bioengineering and electrical engineering. He then completed his Masters at Johns Hopkins University with a focus in medical devices. During this time, he worked in a start-up environment to develop a non-invasive medical device that monitors vital signs like breathing rate and blood pressure. He has experience in rapid prototyping and electrical engineering, and is passionate about integrating various engineering principles for developments in healthcare. He is currently a Medical Device Engineer for the Surgical Innovations group at UCSF.


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