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Open Positions

Current openings:

Biodevice Innovation Fellow 

We have two openings starting July 2018 for clinical residents interested in focusing on surgical and biomedical device innovation during their dedicated research years. The two-year research positions (first year funded by an NIBIB R25 education grant) are open to UCSF residents and trainees from accredited residency programs nationally. See our Innovation Pathway page for more information and contact to begin the application process.

Technical Project Manager - Assistant/Associate/Full Specialist (12/21/16)

We are seeking a PhD-level biomedical engineer to provide technical support, project management, and coordination for a suite of medical device research and development projects underway by the program’s faculty, trainees, and staff engineers. This individual is needed to facilitate the development progress of these projects by leading and contributing to the design of tests and experiments, development and maintenance of laboratory and animal research protocols, proposal writing, project reporting, manuscript preparation, and project coordination between team members, collaborators, and contractors. [...]

Research positions for PhD students, postdocs, residents, and clinical fellows (Rolling)

Surgical innovations has ongoing openings for lcinical and engineering trainees at all levels interested in medical device innovation and development. Working in multidisciplinary teams, trainees will participate in device design; user needs validation; benchtop, preclinical and clinical studies; data analysis; and more. The projects below are currently recruiting for new team members. Contact to learn more.

  • The Kidney Project
    • The Biodesign Laboratory at UCSF, led by Dr. Shuvo Roy, is seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows to work on The Kidney Project, a multidisciplinary team of academic and industry researchers who are applying MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) and tissue engineering strategies to create a surgically implantable bioartificial kidney for end-stage renal disease patients. The prospective post-docs will contribute to developing an implantable device suitable for preclinical testing in collaboration with nephrologists, biomedical engineers, and transplant surgeys. The Biodesign Lab is looking for multiple new post-docs in the following research areas:
      • Microfabrication: Design and fabrication of robust silicon membranes with sub- 10nm pores for blood filtration and cell immunoisolation. Prior experience with stepper lithography, deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) and surface analysis tools is highly desirable.
      • Cell Culture & Biomaterials: Cell biology, and tissue engineering. Prior experience with islet biology, renal epithelial cell biology, cell culture techniques, tissue engineering, biomaterials, medical device development and biomedical engineering related to mass transport mathematical mdoeling is highly desirable.
      • Mechanical Design: Assembly and packaging of silicon components into biocompatible packages for implanted operation. Prior hands-on experience with construction and testing of MEMs devices desirable. Prior experience with machining tools, device fabrication, and biocompatible packaging is highly desirable.
      • Microfluidics: Participate in conceptual design, detailed design document, rapid prototyping, assembling and testing of blood flow path components in medical devices. Direct experience with SolidWorks and ANSYS highly desirable.